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Are you an importer, B2B business owner, furniture contractor, interior designer, or the head of a hotel or restaurant? Then you understand the need for unique, high-quality furniture that exudes style and sophistication. In an industry filled with choices, finding a reliable partner who aligns with your vision and quality standards could be daunting. Thankfully, there is one solution:

Experience Artistry and Innovation

Recognized as a leader in the industry, is a virtuoso in fabricating bespoke furniture pieces that resonate with grandeur. They blend advanced technologies with traditional artisan skills to turn ordinary wood into extraordinary works of practical art.

Bespoke Solutions for Discerning Businesses understands the diverse needs of its clients. Whether you’re a furniture contractor looking for bulk supplies, an interior designer seeking unique pieces, or a hospitality business owner wanting to add a touch of luxury to your premises, offers customized solutions tailored for you.

Customization as Boundless as Your Imagination

The strength of lies in its boundless ability to customize. Each project is a blank canvas for their creativity enabling them to transform your vision into tangible pieces of furniture. Through their process, you retain control over style, design, materials, and color, ensuring a product that mirrors your brand and vision.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Quality is non-negotiable at Every piece is subject to rigorous quality control measures, ensuring durability and satisfaction. This commitment to excellence has earned them an enviable reputation worldwide.

Streamlined, Eco-friendly, and Safe Practices simplifies the complexities of global trade with an efficient and secure import process. They maintain an unwavering commitment to preserving Indonesia’s rich forests through sustainable sourcing practices, ensuring eco-friendly manufacturing in line with international regulations and safety standards.

Forge a Partnership with

Entrusting your business to is more than a purchase-it’s a partnership that adds value to your operations. Ready to make a lasting impression with your unique furniture pieces? Contact now and let them breathe life into your vision.

Crafting Custom Furniture and Home Decor that Reflects Your Unique Style

We are a company that focuses on designing and manufacturing custom furniture and home decor products. This means that we work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and create personalized designs that match their style and taste.
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Bespoke Woodworking Factory

Step into the enchanting world of bespoke woodworking, where every piece of furniture is a masterpiece waiting to be brought to life. In this article, we will explore the realm of bespoke woodworking factories, understanding their unique qualities, the allure of custom-crafted woodwork, and how to make informed choices when seeking bespoke woodworking solutions for […]

About Us

CV. IC produces a wide range of home furnishings and decorative accessories. Since 2010 our company based in Jepara, Indonesia produces vintage, traditional and contemporary designs. Materials include teak, recycled teak, mahogany, mindy, mirror, recycled pine, metal, leather, rattan, upholstery, petrified wood, and aluminum synthetic garden furniture.

Our business to business customers include importers wholesalers, retailers and hotel projects in France, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and America.


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